Ama-Sports headband review

Since spring is here I was pretty sure I would not need to wear cold weather gear any longer, but mother nature has been a little moody lately so I’ve had quite a few runs where I’m still layering up. So the timing was great when I was asked by Ama-Sports to test out their athletic head band a few weeks ago. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to accessorize, even on my runs so I was happy to try it out!

There were two designs to choose from and I opted for the flowers, although the paw prints are cute too. The embroidery adds just enough detail and I love the bright green thread color in contrast on the solid black band.

The past few weeks we have had some super windy days, especially by the water. The material is a soft, moisture-wicking fleece that really keeps out the wind but allows air to flow and kept me from over heating. The headband is also snug enough that it kept my hair completely out of my face…and I have a lot of hair so that is usually a huge issue for me! The band itself is a good width, not too overpowering on my forehead but widens around the ears and back of the neck.

The headband has a nice soft seam along the edge that keeps the headband in place but doesn’t itch or irritate my skin. The same seam also lines the ponytail hole in the back of the headband. I have used my fair share of headbands and wraps when I run, and this was the first time I had tried one with a hole for the ponytail. Having super thick heavy hair I wasn’t sure it would work for me but I really liked it. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that even the weight of my ponytail does not cause the headband to fall.

Thinking back,  I have not had to adjust the headband at all…and have worn it with no issues using earbuds and  wearing sunglasses at the same time.

The headband is also fine to machine wash. I let mine air dry…it fits perfectly and not sure if it would cause the fleece to shrink.

If you’d like to check out this headband for yourself, either for running or really just as a cute head wrap to keep those ears warm, you can find their amazon shop here.


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