Earth Day: Outdoor fun and ideas

Some easy crafts using recycled and reused materials we did for Earth day but are fun to do everyday!

Since we have been spending all this extra time at home I’ve had more opportunities to do fun crafts and outdoor activities with the kids. My daughter who is usually jumping from one sport or activity to the next is craving routine and things to do so I’ve been doing my best to keep her busy and love the opportunity to reuse some materials we have around the house!

Bird feeders

Using what we had at home and checking out Pinterest we decided to make a couple different versions of bird feeders.

Popsicle stick feeder: (just need some paint, popsicle sticks, twine or ribbon, and hot glue

Milk carton feeder

Just need milk cartons, paint, cutting blade, sticks and hot glue gun for the roof, and ribbon or twine

Soup can feeders

Just need old soup cans, paint, ribbon, hot glue and a stick for the post

Egg carton feeder

Egg container, paint, hole puncher, ribbon or twine

We also planted flowers and veggies, and made earth day cupcakes!

Earth day should be celebrated everyday, so even if you missed it this year, these can be done anytime!

Happy Earth Day!

Xoxo, Heather.


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