Cinco Fun

Since we are still going strong staying home and trying to stay positive and have fun, we decided to plan a fun fiesta for Cinco de Mayo. We searched Pinterest and found things we could do using what we had at home. Here are some of the simple ways we made it fun and memorable.

Homemade piñatas.

Supplies: brown paper bags, tissue paper or streamers, scissors, glue or tape, hole punch, candy (we used leftover Easter candy), twine or ribbon to hang, and magazine pages

The kids filled the bags a little less than halfway with candy and the rest of the way with crumpled magazine pages before the decorated the bags. Then they cut strips of streamers and cut fringe into the strips before taping on. Then we punch holes in the bag and pulled twine through and knotted so they could hang.

Churro donut holes

Supplies: 2 brown paper bags, oil, cinnamon and sugar, refrigerated pillsbury grands biscuits, big pot, slotted spoon.

First we poured the cinnamon and sugar into the bags. (Double the bag just in case the oil comes through)

We cut each biscuit into 4, then rolled each piece into a ball (so you end up with 36). Then we heated up about 1 cup of oil in a large pot. I carefully dropped about 6 dough balls into the oil and kept moving them with a slotted spoon so they wouldn’t stick. They only needed about 45-60 seconds each. Then we took them out using the spoon and put them directly into the cinnamon and sugar. The kids had a blast shaking them up!

That’s it…so simple and they tasted so good.

As you can see, we also made cupcakes and decorated them with green and pink icing to look like a cactus! We chose orange cupcake wrappers so they would resemble terra cotta pots.

We had a yummy taco dinner  (get my homemade taco seasoning recipe here, and my garlic shrimp taco recipe here )some photo booth fun, and ended the night watching Coco.

Happy cinco!

Xo, Heather.


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